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Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
DirectorDivision Administrator Wang,Po-Wen 1600EmailResponsibilities:
1. Manage, coordinate, and oversee all affairs in the Student Counselling Center.
2. Budget preparation and control.
3.Convene student counseling meeting.
4. Process student complaints, and convene meeting.
CounselorTr. Ho, Chia-Shyuan1270EmailResponsibilities:
1. Overall planning and organization.
2. Management of special education student cases.
3. Project application and completion reports, and budget control.
4. Management of special needs education.
5. Organization and compilation of information for special needs students.
6. Supervision of special needs education.
7. Supervision of interns.
8. Management of campus accessibility.
9. Follow up on alumni.
10. Organization of student counseling events and activities.
11. Management of official documents.
12. Management of personal assistants.
13. Processing of accessibility permits.
CounselorTr. Lo, Hui-Fen1271EmailResponsibilities:
1. Management of special needs students.
2. Planning and implementation of group counseling.
3. Academic advising and counseling, and processing of funding requests.
4. Supervision of workshops and training for volunteers.
5. Application for and management of assistive technologies.
6. Management of assistive technologies in resource classrooms.
7. Organization of parent-teacher meetings.
8. Organization of student activities.
CounselorTr. Hsu, Ming-Hui1272Email1.Special Education Students Case Management
2.Special Education Implementation Committee
3. Intended Individualized Support Plan
4.Special Education Students Transition Services
5.Special Education Promotion Activities
6.Braille Book Application
7.Administer Braille Book
8.Administer Learning Courses
9. Administer Part-Time Work
10.Final-Term Activities
11.Administer Barrier-Free Facilities
12.Administer Hardware
CounselorTr. 1273Email1.Special Education Students Case Management
2.Special Education Implementation Committee
3. Intended Individualized Support Plan
4. Special Education Students Transition Services
5.Fund for Special Education Students
6. Scholarships Bulletin Application
7. Special Educational Needs Student Assistance Commission
8. Special Testing Service
9. Administer Books and Audio-Visual Equipment in Resource Classroom
10. Administer all Equipment in Resource Classroom
11.Administer Assistants for Special Education Students
12 Career Assessment Activities
13.Art Activities
14.Administer Web Page of Resource Classroom
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